Pacific Fire Training

Tactical Thermal Imaging

This training was initially an on-line class by Andy Starnes on Tactical Thermal Imaging. There are three separate videos, same training divided into segments, totaling 3 1/2 hours of class time. There's a lot of great information presented in this training

JPR Skills Sheets

1 3/4" Pre-Connects

Hose 10.20.01

2 1/2" Dead-Loads

Hose 10.20.02

Hose Bundles

Hose 10.20.03

Reporting Info Nugget

This video blog post will review the standard section of Training Reports in Emergency Reporting.  

The training standard entry is an important section because of the way reports are created to show the format of the training attended.

Franklin County New Radio System

On May 12th Franklin County will be changing over to a new radio system.  We do have a reprogram scheduled for our radios to accommodate this change.​

There will be some operational changes with this including using VFire 22, Command C,  as the primary fireground operations channel.

A video explaining this system has been sent by Franklin County  Communications.  The video is listed in the training blog


Firefighter CPR

Review Information, Watch Video and Complete Quiz

Firefighter Line-of-Duty deaths from medical emergencies during an incident remain at the top of causes for death.  If this occurs, we must be prepared to remove the affected person from thier PPE.  Please review, refresh, and practice the procedures for removing a firefighter from their PPE

Once you have watched the video and completed the quiz, the training is complete.

Training roster will be generated from testing results.