Units in Quarters for CAD

On units that are not tracked in CAD, the unit needs to be placed in quarters with Central County. If the unit is not in quarters, the cross-Staffing will place the rest of the equipment in the house out of service.

6128 is a good example of this, the unit is not tracked by CAD and has to be placed in service over the radio.

Also, if multiple units are added to an alarm from the same engine house, Central County will increase the station manning to two crews. Once this is increased, two units will have to leave quarters before the cross-staffing will come into play. If this occurs, you'll have to contact Central County and advise them you only have one crew.

On another note; if a unit is dispatched for a brush fire, the pumper and tanker at that house will be out of service for cross staffing. If the manning is at three, advise the on duty Engineer to self assign the apparatus if needed.