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Election dates have been moved to June 2,2020 per the Governor 

Proposition Fire

The Pacific Fire Protection District is planning to update and modernize an aging firehouse and add additional staffing to our House 2 in Robertsville, MO.   In your community a fire house is considered critical infrastructure and should be built with modern needs and services in mind.  This includes adequate housing that is necessary for personnel, equipment, and safety/health features for the firefighters that staff the houses. Due to these necessary updates the Pacific Fire Protection District will be placing a 27 tax increase on the June 2, 2020 ballot.

Prop Fire: What and Why?


Currently there are 3 full-time firefighters that staff House 1 in Pacific and 2 full-time firefighters and 1 part-time firefighter that staff House 2 in Robertsville. There are several days each month where staffing levels at House 2 are at a minimum of 2 firefighters.  

These staffing levels are deemed inadequate by a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report on residential fire ground field experiments.  This report concluded that it is essential to properly staff a fire truck so that life and property can be protected and saved.   With the growing health and safety needs of our citizens and their property in mind the PFPD would be adding 3 additional full time firefighters to our team to staff the Robertsville fire house with 3 firefighters 24/7.

Fire House Updates


Over the years your firefighters have done a great job of building, maintaining and updating House 2 in Robertsville.  Despite these efforts, the firehouse is due for a much needed overhaul so that it can continue to serve its intended purpose.  The original engine bay was built 39 years ago in 1981 and the living quarters built 30 years ago in 1990, as shown below. In an effort to keeps costs down for citizens, these buildings were built with volunteer labor from your PFPD firefighters.  The planned updates would modernize the fire house for better health and safety standards for the firefighters and the equipment they respond with.



Over the years, firefighting apparatus have increased in size, weight and capability. Our original engine house was built in 1981 when equipment was much smaller. With this increase, we will be able to complete necessary renovations to modernize, update and expand House 2 to keep up today's modern firefighting apparatus and continue to provide Fire/Rescue/EMS services to our citizens. 

House 2 age.jpg


The Pacific Fire Protection District mission is to always provide the best service with well trained firefighters and modern equipment. We pride ourselves on properly maintaining and updating the equipment our citizens provide.  Part of that equipment and one of the biggest costs are the fire trucks themselves.  The average life span of a fire truck is around 20 years. Typically after this time frame maintenance costs make it no longer cost effective to continue to operate the truck.  Currently we have 2 trucks at or over the 20 year mark and 1 approaching it. Prop Fire will help aid the PFPD in maintaining and purchasing the fire trucks necessary to continue to serve the needs of our community.

1996 Pierce Tanker

2000 Pierce Rescue Tanker

2002 Pierce Quint

MO Pacific 1995 Pierce Dash E-9431 1250-
MO Pacific 2000 Pierce Dash EB-878 1500-
MO Pacific 2002 Pierce Dash #12970 1500-

Prop Fire Details

Prop Fire will be a 27 cent increase collected on personal property taxes. 

The Pacific Fire Protection District is asking for a .27 cent per 100.00 tax increase but what does this actually mean for everyone? Generally speaking, your home is your most valuable asset. 

  • Residential assessment rate in Franklin county are set at 19%, this means a residence with a market value of $ 100,000 has an assessed value at $ 19,000. 

  • Assessed value: $ 19,000 x .27 = $51.30 or $4.28 monthly for a $100,000 House


When was the last tax increase for the Pacific Fire Protection District, didn't we just approve one recently?

The last time the PFPD asked for a tax increase was in April 2004.  This tax was approved, allowing the district to hire additional firefighters.

Will this increase go towards pay increases for Firefighters?

The proposition is to hire additional firefighters, updating fire district equipment and fire stations.

When will I see this increase?

If passed in June 2020,  tax payers will see this on their 2020 tax documents.

How this tax collected?

Taxes are collected through the county tax collector in the county you reside.

Below is a list of district equipment costs and upkeep

finance truck.png
finance scba.png
finance resue 2.png
finance hose.png
finance aed.png
finance gear.png
finance radio.png
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