Pacific Fire Training

Irons and Ladders video training series, this video covers conventional irons work and an irons/saw combo evolution taking on double doors that have low and high drop bars. This is a very common way to fortify double doors and if it's the backside of your commercial occupancy, you have no choice other then to be successful getting in. We have numerous different ways we can defeat this type of setup. Watch for more videos to show several other options to overcome similar doors.

Training is the Difference

One of the most notable items for this video is the amount of preparedness shown by the first two companies.  

Where there’s smoke… Check out this footage of advanced fire and smoke conditions in a residential rental property. There are different tactics for the conditions presented – what’s in your playbook? Remember, this is not intended to bash the actions of the crews on scene, it is intended to review "what we would do" in our respective agencies.