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knox box

The Knox Company is switching to online ordering beginning January 1, 2019.  After talking with a District Fire Official to help you determine the correct Knox Box for your needs, you will need to visit and create an account to place an order.


Once on their website, scroll to the bottom and choose “Knox Products” which will take you to a Knox Products screen.  You will need to enter Pacific FPD into the search field to locate the Pacific Fire Protection District.  Choosing the correct Fire District is critical or the Knox box will be keyed incorrectly.


Once you’ve created your account (or logged in to a previously existing account) and completed the order information, including shipping and payment information, the order will be complete and the Knox Device will be sent to you at the address you indicated.


Please call us before you install the Knox box and someone from the District will meet you at your location to assist you in finding the most advantageous location, which should be 48-54” from the top of the box to the finished floor level.


Please call me at 636-257-3633 ext. 11 if you have any questions.



Dave Phipps

Fire Marshal/Deputy Chief

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