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The Pacific Fire Protection District has adopted and currently enforces the 2015 edition of the ICC Codes.


BUILDING PERMIT:  A building permit is required if you are going to do any of the following:


 Build one of the following structures:

  •   Condo, Apartment, Commercial Building

  •   Commercial Addition or Remodel 

Install one of the following Systems:

  •   Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System, New or Upgrade Fire Suppression System, Range Hood Suppression System above a cooking appliance in a public building.

Fee is different for each permit and dependent on type and extent of construction.


USE / OCCUPANCY PERMIT:  Occupancy permits are required by the Pacific Fire Protection District for owners or tenants to occupy or re-occupy existing commercial space or to occupy newly constructed space; including FIREWORKS STANDS. Other agencies or local governments may require an occupancy permit to be issued as well.  


MISCELLANEOUS PERMITS:  Fireworks Display, Storage of Explosives, Burn Permit (Air Curtain Destructor)

There may or may not be a fee associated with these permits.

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