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Station 1

Located at 910 West Osage Pacific MO, 63069 is staffed 24/7 and is also the location of our Administration offices.  It is home to Squad 6116, Pumper/Rescue 6114, Quint 6112, and Pumper/Tanker 6115.  This station was built in 1999 after the tax payers approved a bond issue for the District.

House 1.jpg

Station 2

Station 2 is located at 7376 Hwy O in Robertsville. The original station was built and occupied in 1981. In 1990 an addition to the building created a living quarters for firefighters. In 1997 a second addition to the station created additional apparatus bays, fitness room, and a training room. The equipment at station 2 includes: Squad 6126, Pumper/Rescue 6124, Pumper/Tanker 6193, Brush Truck 6128 and Trench rescue 6169

Station 3

Located at 1601 Buscher Rd, this station was built and occupied in 1982 and is located at 1601 Buscher Road, Pacific Missouri.  The station consists of 2 engine bays that house a rescue pumper and the district command trailer. 


Training Tower

Our Tower is located on property behind Station 2.  Built in 2016 using a system of storage containers.  

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