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Fire Extinguishers

The Pacific Fire Protection District will no longer be a drop off point for filling or service work of fire extinguishers.


The local yellow pages list the following companies as Fire Extinguisher dealers:


      Franklin County Fire Extinguisher @ 573-468-8186


      Carman & Associates @ 636-390-8740


      Schuhmacher Fire Equipment @ 636-239-3867


There are also several dealers in St. Louis County that provide service in this area that can be found in other editions of the Yellow Pages.


Commercial and Industrial occupancies are required to have annual servicing of their extinguishers and are encouraged to contract with a reputable company for this annual requirement.


Residential owners are encouraged to have fire extinguishers present in their homes, garages, and shops.


Pricing for refilling and service work and other related charges vary from company to company.


Deputy Chief

Ken Prichard

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