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Proposition Future

Pacific Fire Protection District is seeking to renew a general obligation bond in the amount of $3.3 million for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, equipping and maintaining existing District facilities, acquiring land for future district facilities and purchasing emergency medical equipment, fire protection and firefighting apparatus to meet current safety standards, improve emergency services and carry out objectives.

What are Bonds?

 A general obligation bond is essentially a loan. It is a way for municipalities to borrow money and have that money paid back by property taxes. In this instance, it requires a vote of the people to ask for revenue stream to support those repayment amounts. THIS WILL NOT RAISE TAXES.  This will keep a current bond in place that the district has used since 1996.  This bond has been part of Pacific Fire Protection Districts past and current capital improvements.

The Need


Some of the Fire Districts fire trucks are over 20 years old. Typical useful lifespan of a fire truck is 10-12 years. Though our fire truck fleet is maintained very well by your firefighters, the time has come to start getting replacements ordered. Currently, there is nearly a 3-year waiting list for new fire trucks and prices have nearly tripled in the last 20 years.

The district will also be replacing aging safety and communication equipment 

Fire House Updates

 Pacific Fire Protection Districts’ fire station #1 on Osage St. in Pacific was built in 1998 and is due for updates. We are going to update the bunk rooms and bathrooms to appropriately accommodate our female firefighters. Additional updates include more efficient HVAC due to the current system being 20+ years old and window replacements which will help lower our utility costs.

Along with updating station 1, the district will be purchasing property to relocate house 3.  Station 3 built in 1981 is currently located just outside pacific next to Buscher rd. This relocation is part of the districts' long term goals to cover the station 3 response area from a more strategic location and bringing station 3 up to modern fire service standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see a tax increase?

No, this Proposition is to renew a current bond and will if passed WILL NOT Change your tax rate.


What can bond funds be used for?

Capital improvements including: Fire Station construction, new fire trucks, safety and rescue equipment

Didn't the District recently pass a Tax increase?

Yes, in 2021 our communtiy passed a tax increase for the district.  With this new funding we were able to hire 3 new firefighters, fund renovations to House 2 in Robertsville which are under way right now! We were also able to fund a new pumper for Station 1 before major inflation increases, saving the tax payers money.  

Will this increase go towards pay increases for Firefighters?

No, bond money cannot be used for wages or benefits to firefighters

How Much Does a new fire truck cost?

A new ladder truck like our 6112 costs up to $1.3 million, a new tanker like our 6113 is up to $700,000 or more!

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