Station 1

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Station 1

Pacific Fire District Station 1 is located at 910 W. Osage St in Pacific, MO 63069.  This engine house is staffed by firefighters 24hours a day 7 days a week.  The administrative offices for the district are located on the east side of this station.  This station was built in 1998 with funds from a bond issue passed by the district citizens.  This station houses the equipment listed below


6112.jpg2002 Pierce Dash 75 ft aerial 1500 gpm pump, 850 gal tank, 20 gal ar-afff, inline educator, 1000 ft 5 in, 600 ft 3 in, 35, 24,17, 14, 10 ft ladders, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 ft pike poles, 5kw generator, quartz lights, cord reel, thermal imaging camera, 4 - gas monitor, hotel packs, Stihl vent and chain saw, ppv fan, portable hydrant, Holmatro combi-tool, ram, EMS equipment, tarps, standard firefighting tools and equipment.


Edited_6114.JPG2011 Pierce Arrow 1500 gpm pump, 1000 gal tank, 30 gal ar-afff around the pump educator, 1000 ft 5 in, 600 ft 3 in, 10 kw generator, 6000 watt light tower, 200 ft cord reel, 2 - 200 ft hydraulic reels, Holmatro spreader, cutter, 2 rams, mini cutter, high and low pressure air bags, cribbing, thermal camera, four gas meter, vent saw, chain saw, EMS equipment, ppv fan, electric fan, water rescue, ice rescue suits, rope rescue, standard firefighting equipment.



1996 Pierce Dash 1250 gpm pump, 3000 gal tank, 20 gal ar-afff, 3500 gal porta-tank, 850 ft 3 in, 850 ft 2 ½ in, 10 in dumps rear and sides, 24, 14, 10 ft ladders, quartz lights, thermal imaging camera, EMS equipment, Holmatro rescue pump with a combi tool, chainsaw, standard firefighting equipment.


6116 is a 2012 Ford F450 Multi-Response vehicle that was purchased with funds from a FEMA Fire Act Grant.  The vehicle has 2 pumps; a volume and high pressure pump, and has a 200 gallon water tank with a 10 gallon foam tank. The hose carried includes 150’ of 1 1/2", 300’ of 1 in hose, 200' of 3/8" high Pressure Hose, and 18' of 3" drafting hose.  Some of the equipment carried includes Basic Life Support Equipment, Leaf Blowers, Chain Saw, holmatro rescue pump with spreader, cutter and ram tool, Hand tools, and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.